AOS Rhino preview

Jan 26, 2009 at 2:28 PM
The following have been added to, if you have questions please email me or post them here.

- Admin website lister and content viewer
- Improved AXmlElement API to allow inserting elements at the head
- AFilename allows conversion to relative and to absolute path
- Corrected CoInitializeEx usage in AOSOutput_MsXsl
- AOSWatchDog has been made a lot more generic, replacing your existing ini with new one will transparently work
- AOSWatchDog can now bounce the server
- Cleaned up handling of INI files to use AFile instead of std::istream for better portability
- Added handling to AXmlElement to return default value when XML path contains no content
- Sped up logging monitor and session cleaning thread, improved shutdown times
- Fixed directory listing, not directory is AFileSystem::Directory type and file is AFileSystem::File type as expected
- Added controller validation to make sure all needed input processors, modules and output generators exist
- Added handling of chained locales for static and data directories
- Added handling for very simple sites without any data directories or locale config
- Cleaned up logging

There are still more things to come, one that I have not decided if it should be in or a later release is a module that allows you to call out to a POJO (plain 'ol java object) method, so you can compile a class, place it into the classes directory and call a method on it.  I'll bounce the idea around with the install base and see what feedback I get.