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Project Description
AOS is designed and written to be the fastest application server with very tight control of memory allocations, efficient execution algorithms, built-in timing and statistics for performance tuning and easy extension.
  1. Everything written in C++ and optimized for performance
  2. Buildable as 64-bit (A64) or 32-bit (i386) executable
  3. Built on a multi-threaded, multi-queue execution engine
  4. Fully functional HTTP/1.1 compliant web server
    1. content caching
    2. request pipelining
    3. keep-alive support
    4. gzip compressed response
  5. Fall-thru file lookup design for quick conversion from static prototype to dynamic application
  6. MVC (model-view-controller) pattern for separation of input processing, business logic and presentation
  7. Embedded Lua interpreter
  8. Provided input processors (custom input processors easy to implement)
    1. HTML forms
    2. multi-part file upload
  9. Provided output generators (custom input processors easy to implement)
    1. XML document
    2. Templated wih support for embedded Lua scripts
    3. XSL transform (MSXML 6.0)
    4. JSON object
    5. Image generation with GdLib and freetype
  10. HTTP and HTTPS ports bound to common listener queue which allows an easy switch from secure and non-secure communication using the same session
  11. Supports SQLite3, MySQL and ODBC databases
  12. Built-in cookie based session management
  13. Directory based and file based controllers
  14. Full web-based administration backend
  15. Adjustable logged event execution allows admin to trace complete path of every request
  16. Tunable to write nothing to disk thus allowing it to run embedded without need for a hard disk or directly from CDROM or DVDROM
  17. Supports multiple processors and multiple cores but can run fine on Pentium3 666Mhz with 256MB of RAM
  18. Small footprint can run from USB or thumb drive and initially consumes less than 20MB of memory

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